Stop! Don’t forget these essentials when you are heading to a wedding

Worried you might leave something behind when you are setting off for a wedding? Don’t be, let us remind you at Wedding Album Boutique, jot down this check list and set off to that wedding in confidence.

What to remember.

The invite

Technically you don’t need the invite to gain entrance to the church, as long as you have an official invite you are free to arrive when you like, just as long as you are there before the bride!

The invite holds important information though. It tells you the time, the date and the address of the venue, some even have directions so it’s not a bad idea to pop the invite in your purse.

The gift

Unless you are posting a gift to the happy couple make sure you pack the present in the car.

Save blushes and take the wedding present with you, arrive without one and you’ll have to do the walk of shame.

 A handkerchief

There’s a good chance you’ll be blubbing like a baby when the couple exchange vows, keep a hanky handy and dab your eyes.

Try to keep the nose blowing down to a minimum though, the sound will echo all around the church.

Some confetti

Take a pack of confetti with you to the wedding, get ready to throw this over the happy couple when they step outside the church.

You could substitute the confetti for rice if you prefer, some guests blow bubbles as a quirky alternative.

A camera

Capture the magic of the day on your personal camera, snap away and send copies of the pictures to the bride and groom when they return from their honeymoon.

Packet of pain killers

Pack aspirin or paracetamol to help you deal with the morning after the night before.

It’s a wedding, you’ll get wasted and drink your own bodyweight in fizz, keep those painkillers handy and you’ll be glad of it when you wake up the day after the wedding.

Your overnight bag!

Staying over at the wedding venue? Don’t forget your overnight bag.

You’ll appreciate a change of clothes and access to toiletries the next day, forget your overnight bag and you’ll be heading home in the same outfit you wore for the wedding!

Quirky uses for wedding pictures

Our wedding albums are the ideal place to showcase your special day. Use a series of images to tell your story and create a timeless keepsake to view whenever you like, our software is free to download so you can quickly create the album of your dreams.

What else can you do with wedding pictures though?

We think these ideas are a good way to showcase your special day.

Try turning pictures into wall art

Where better to show off images of your special than on the walls of your home. Create canvas prints out of your most precious wedding pictures, box frames, bevel box frames and blocmounts are just some of the solutions we provide and every single option displays your pictures in the best possible light.

Transform your home into a gallery, fill the walls with wedding pictures and choose special images that make you smile.

Create a collage on canvas

Why make do with one picture on a canvas print when you could have a whole series of images printed onto canvas?

Design the ultimate collage of your special day, pick out your best pictures and give your walls the wow factor.

Have ‘his and hers’ photo mugs

Have some of your wedding pictures printed onto a set of mugs. Enjoy a fresh brew in the morning and every time you take a sip, think of your other half, it’s a gorgeous way to start the day!

Make personalised coasters

Tired of seeing ring marks on furniture? Create your own set of wedding coasters. Choose a few pictures from your wedding day, get them printed onto a set of coasters and you’ve just made something practical as a souvenir of your special day.

Design a trendy t-shirt

Wear your wedding pictures! Get a couple of t-shirts printed with special images of your wedding day. Show other people what your wedding day meant to you.

Bring a boutique album to life

Of course, the best way to show off your wedding pictures is to place them inside a luxury wedding album, for inspiration take a look at our collection at

What ruins wedding pictures?

Designing your own wedding album couldn’t be easier, as long as you have a good selection of pictures to start with in the first place.

The quality of these images will vary depending on a number of factors, we look at some of the common issues that might affect your photographs and think of ways to avoid a major catastrophe in this blog.

Cowboy photographers

The quality of your photographer is going to have a massive say in the final outcome of your pictures. Pick an amateur photographer and you might save a little money but what type of impact will that have on your photographs?

Okay, you might drop lucky and find an untested photographer that’s blessed with raw talent but what are the chances of that?

It’s more likely your budget photographer will ruin the shots and you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself when you are trying to ‘cobble’ a few pictures together for your new wedding album.

Well-meaning family members

Every family has at least one member that thinks they’re an expert on photography. Yes, they’ll have taken some decent snaps of holidays in the past, would you entrust them with your wedding photography though?

They mean well but let them down lightly, pick a professional photographer for the happiest day of your life.

Making it too formal

Stand and pose, smile when prompted and say cheese! Does that sound like your ideal kind of photography?

Formal is fine for a few pictures, to really capture the flavour of your day though, consider reportage style photography.

Opt for the journalistic approach and get your photographer to capture pictures of people that are totally caught up in the moment.

Not using multiple cameras

Having multiple photographers at your wedding will help to capture a wider degree of photography.

Look for professional services that use at least two photographers per shoot. This way one can take pictures of the happy couple and the other photographer can focus their camera on the guests.

Failing to stick to schedule

Create a plan and stick with it.

Go though the schedule of the day with your photographer before the wedding, work out when will be the best time to take pictures and choose locations at your wedding venue that you know are going to work.

Get the schedule sorted, stick with it, and when you get your digital images back they’ll be ready to go straight into a luxury wedding album!

Emergency items you might need on your wedding day

By the time your big day arrives you’ll have planned every aspect in tiny detail, surely there’s nothing you have forgotten for your wedding is there?

Actually you might want to have these items close by just in case, when it comes to weddings there’s no such thing as too much planning!

Emergency items for a wedding day…

Needle and cotton

Appoint somebody as a temporary seamstress for the day. Keep an emergency supply of needle and cotton close by and you’ll be able to carry out running repairs if hems magically work themselves loose or you spot missing buttons on your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Safety pins

Always handy if your dress decides to have a malfunction at the last minute or you are having trouble pinning flowers in place.

Keep a stock of safety pins on standby. You never know when they might be called into action.

Sun lotion

Getting married on a hot day? Think about sun protection! Do you really want a lobster tan spoiling your wedding photos?

Red and white patches look awful. Use sun screen when you are having pictures taken outside, this is vital for brides with sensitive skin.

Headache tablets

Feeling the pressure of the day? If the tension is rising and you feel a headache building reach for the aspirin, pack them in your emergency kit and keep your mind clear.

Change of shoes

As the bride it’s perfectly understandable you’ll want to wear your wedding gown until the very last minute. This is a one-off wear. You get one chance to dress in the gown before it’s packed away in your wardrobe for good.

That doesn’t mean you have to cripple your feet wearing tight-fitting bridal shoes all day long though. Change into a comfy pair of flats and give your feet a break when you get a chance.

No matter how organised you might think you are, it’s always useful to plan for all emergencies at a wedding!

Planning the perfect wedding morning

No matter how calm you feel on your wedding day, there’ll come a time when the nerves start to get the better of you. At this point it’s a good idea to take a deep breath, focus on the moment and think about why you are getting married in the first place.

There’ll be tons to do as you start to get ready so have a plan in place and prepare properly with some of these tips.

1. Organise a pamper night

Don’t overdo things on the night before the wedding. Instead, have a meal with family and close friends and think seriously about a pamper session.

A massage, pedicure and manicure will help you to relax and unwind the night before. Feel great, look beautiful and take part in a pamper session, optimise your time and you can do this on the morning of the wedding if you prefer.

2. Try and get a good sleep

This might not be easy but aim to get as much sleep as you possibly can the night before the wedding.

Don’t stay up until the wee small hours slurping wine and chatting with pals, you need beauty sleep to avoid the look of tired eyes, try to hit the hay at midnight at the latest, you’ll be glad you did the next day.

3. Have a hearty breakfast

Breakfast will keep you going until you arrive for drinks and nibbles at your wedding reception. It’ll give you the energy you need to survive your wedding morning and it will prevent your tummy rumbling as you walk down the aisle.

Eat a hearty, healthy breakfast such as cereals with chopped up fruit, muesli with yoghurt, wholemeal toast with honey or something else that’s equally as tasty but good for you too.

Steer clear of fry-ups and avoid greasy food, your tummy will be doing somersaults as it is, why aggravate it and cause unnecessary concern?

4. Surround yourself with happy faces

Have mum close by and rely on your matron of honour or chief bridesmaid to see you through the morning. Keep a few happy faces close by, just limit the amount of contact you have with other people until after the wedding, you’ll have enough to worry about keeping your emotions intact.

5. Try to relax

This isn’t always easy. Try to enjoy your wedding morning if you can. You’ll have all the love and support you need from your friends and family so go with the flow, relax and make the most of the day!

5 of the worst things you can do at wedding

It’s exciting when a wedding invite drops through your door, you’re a lucky person, somebody special wants you to share in their happiness and the last thing you want to do is ruin the happy couple’s day.

Unfortunately many blunders are made at weddings without people realising it, just to be on the safe side, steer clear of these acts and you can hold your head up high as the perfect guest.

What shouldn’t you do at a wedding?

1. Wear white

The biggest faux pas you could possibly make at a wedding is to wear a white dress. You’re not the bride so why act like you are?

All eyes will be on the wedding gown, never attempt to ‘upstage’ the bride by wearing a designer white or cream dress, you’ll just look silly and the chances are the bride will never forgive you.

2. Demand to see the bride

It’s understandable you’ll be dying to see the bride on the big day, can’t you just wait though until after the ceremony?

Some guests think it’s perfectly fine to go and see the bride when she is getting ready, seriously, would you want to be disturbed on the morning of your wedding day?

3. Chat throughout the ceremony/speeches

This is plain rude. The bride and groom will be nervous enough during the exchange of vows and this isn’t a great time for a long natter.

Don’t ruin the wedding breakfast speeches by chatting or shouting out either, this isn’t about you, it’s the bride and groom’s day, so sit back and show a little respect.

4. Leave your phone switched on

Do you really need to take your phone to the wedding? If you do, switch it to silent during the exchange of vows, or better still, turn it off altogether.

The bride and groom don’t want to hear the theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark blaring out during their wedding ceremony, nor do they want to listen to constant ‘bleeps’ from text alerts.

5. Criticise

Don’t even go there!

No matter what you think of the food, regardless of whether you like the table settings, the bride’s dress, the choice of bridal transport or the evening entertainment, never criticise the arrangements.

This is the happy couple’s fairytale. They’ve planned for this day for what feels like an eternity, just share in their happiness and reserve judgement if you want to preserve your friendship.

Before you start designing your wedding album – read these tips!

If you have a digital copy of your wedding images, designing your own luxury wedding album couldn’t be easier. Using The Wedding Album Boutique software that’s FREE to download you can very quickly and easily have a professional wedding album designed and ready to order.

Tips for designing your own wedding album.

1. Organise your images

You should review all of your images and place into 2 folders based on how important they are to you. For example, images to be shown as full size across one or two full pages should be placed in an ‘Important’ folder. Images that you’d like included in the wedding album but perhaps used as smaller or background images should be placed in a ‘Less Important’ folder. There is no need to include any images that you don’t want to appear in the album. This step is important whether you opt for a design service from The Wedding Album Boutique or a professional photographer and even more important if you choose to design yourself. Believe us – if you spend some time doing this it will save you a lot of heartache later on!

2. Page Layout

Experiment with the different page layout templates available. With the design software from The Wedding Album Boutique there are a lot of templates to choose from. It will soon become obvious to you which ones you like and which ones are not your style.

TIP: Full page layouts work well for very important images whilst templates that include numerous images per page work well for guest images or late night dancing shots.

3. Practice makes perfect

It might seem a little overwhelming before you get started but designing your own wedding album really is very straightforward. Once you’ve chosen a page template for your first page, you simply drag and drop the images you want into the template. And Voila! You have just designed your first page.

TIP: Practice makes perfect so spend a few minutes playing around with the software so you can see what styles you like. You can stay as simple or get as complex as you like. Borders around images make them POP and background colours can be changed to suit any colour scheme. You’ll be designing like a pro in no time!

4. Stay Classy

Remember, we produce high quality professional wedding albums that will last a lifetime.  If in doubt during the design process it can be useful to stick to classic background colours and layout styles, these never date! Black & White backgrounds always look great.

5. Enjoy the process.

Designing your wedding album is such a personal thing and allows you to get creative and express your wedding day the way you want to remember it. Enjoy the process and try to have fun designing your wedding album.  All of the hard work will be so worthwhile once you receive your beautiful wedding album package.

To get started with your wedding album design simply download our design software here:


Take a deep breath, and breathe

Weddings are such big business these days and everyone wants their day to go off without a hitch. But it can all get a little (or a lot) overwhelming at times. The whole wedding planning process can escalate quickly and before you know it you’ve lost track of the budget or you decide you really need that super expensive wedding cake! It’s understandable that you want to have a beautiful day so it can be easy to get carried away.

When things get hectic it’s important to remind yourself of the reasons why you’re getting married in the first place. It all boils down to the fact that two people love each other. And what a powerful thing to do, to publicly declare in front of friends and family that this is the person you love deeply and want to spend the rest of your life with. In this fast-paced, crazy world we live in it’s quite humbling to think that people still get married. In their millions! If you’re about to embark on the journey towards marriage take a moment to think about how lucky you are. You’ve found your partner in life.

Sure your wedding day is probably the biggest event you’ll ever plan, but it’s just one day. Your marriage is for life. So try not sweat the small stuff. Things will inevitably go wrong (hopefully only the little things). No matter how you’ve planned your wedding day, where you decide to get married or who you decide to invite, at the end of the day you’re going to be married…. Could you imagine a more perfect ending? And that is only the beginning.


Visiting a wedding show? Here are some tips…

We’ve been exhibiting at a lot of wedding shows across the UK and Ireland over the past few weeks and we’ve been getting feedback from lots of brides to be. If you’ve only recently got engaged and you’re planning on attending a wedding show it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for what’s on offer… I’ve pulled a short list of my top tips together below.

Metro Arena, Newcastle

Metro Arena, Newcastle

1. Print out stickers with your name & contact details. LOTS of exhibitors have competitions that you can enter at the show & by the end of the day you’ll be fed up writing down all of your details. It’s handy to have little stickers printed that you can just pop onto all of the competition entry forms AND you’ll save yourself from getting pen marks all over you!

2. Depending on the venue, dress appropriately. There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold when you’re trying to retain a lot of information. At the UK Wedding Show in The Metro Arena in Newcastle recently it was so cold I had to borrow someone’s beanie hat to try keep warm. Defo not a good look for me but it was better than the alternative of freezing all day! 

It was COLD!

It was COLD!

3. Do your research before you visit. Most wedding shows have an exhibitor listing on their website. Find out who’s going to be at the show and print out the floor plan if it’s available. Make sure you get around to everyone you’re interested in seeing and ask the questions you want to know answers to.

4. If there’s a product or service that you know you definitely want to have ask about discounts or special offers for booking on the day. Most exhibitors are willing to negotiate and many will offer discounts for booking at the show. You could save yourself a lot of money!

5. Remember your wedding budget. Don’t buy things that are unnecessary and blow your budget!

6. Bring your friends, family or other halves along… And have some fun! :)

Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out

Happy planning.

Jenny, WAB x





, many of whom are overwhelmed by the amount of exhibitors and services available at the shows.