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Stop! Don’t forget these essentials when you are heading to a wedding

Worried you might leave something behind when you are setting off for a wedding? Don’t be, let us remind you at Wedding Album Boutique, jot down this check list and set off to that wedding in confidence.

What to remember.

The invite

Technically you don’t need the invite to gain entrance to the church, as long as you have an official invite you are free to arrive when you like, just as long as you are there before the bride!

The invite holds important information though. It tells you the time, the date and the address of the venue, some even have directions so it’s not a bad idea to pop the invite in your purse.

The gift

Unless you are posting a gift to the happy couple make sure you pack the present in the car.

Save blushes and take the wedding present with you, arrive without one and you’ll have to do the walk of shame.

 A handkerchief

There’s a good chance you’ll be blubbing like a baby when the couple exchange vows, keep a hanky handy and dab your eyes.

Try to keep the nose blowing down to a minimum though, the sound will echo all around the church.

Some confetti

Take a pack of confetti with you to the wedding, get ready to throw this over the happy couple when they step outside the church.

You could substitute the confetti for rice if you prefer, some guests blow bubbles as a quirky alternative.

A camera

Capture the magic of the day on your personal camera, snap away and send copies of the pictures to the bride and groom when they return from their honeymoon.

Packet of pain killers

Pack aspirin or paracetamol to help you deal with the morning after the night before.

It’s a wedding, you’ll get wasted and drink your own bodyweight in fizz, keep those painkillers handy and you’ll be glad of it when you wake up the day after the wedding.

Your overnight bag!

Staying over at the wedding venue? Don’t forget your overnight bag.

You’ll appreciate a change of clothes and access to toiletries the next day, forget your overnight bag and you’ll be heading home in the same outfit you wore for the wedding!