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Quirky uses for wedding pictures

Our wedding albums are the ideal place to showcase your special day. Use a series of images to tell your story and create a timeless keepsake to view whenever you like, our software is free to download so you can quickly create the album of your dreams.

What else can you do with wedding pictures though?

We think these ideas are a good way to showcase your special day.

Try turning pictures into wall art

Where better to show off images of your special than on the walls of your home. Create canvas prints out of your most precious wedding pictures, box frames, bevel box frames and blocmounts are just some of the solutions we provide and every single option displays your pictures in the best possible light.

Transform your home into a gallery, fill the walls with wedding pictures and choose special images that make you smile.

Create a collage on canvas

Why make do with one picture on a canvas print when you could have a whole series of images printed onto canvas?

Design the ultimate collage of your special day, pick out your best pictures and give your walls the wow factor.

Have ‘his and hers’ photo mugs

Have some of your wedding pictures printed onto a set of mugs. Enjoy a fresh brew in the morning and every time you take a sip, think of your other half, it’s a gorgeous way to start the day!

Make personalised coasters

Tired of seeing ring marks on furniture? Create your own set of wedding coasters. Choose a few pictures from your wedding day, get them printed onto a set of coasters and you’ve just made something practical as a souvenir of your special day.

Design a trendy t-shirt

Wear your wedding pictures! Get a couple of t-shirts printed with special images of your wedding day. Show other people what your wedding day meant to you.

Bring a boutique album to life

Of course, the best way to show off your wedding pictures is to place them inside a luxury wedding album, for inspiration take a look at our collection at

Before you start designing your wedding album – read these tips!

If you have a digital copy of your wedding images, designing your own luxury wedding album couldn’t be easier. Using The Wedding Album Boutique software that’s FREE to download you can very quickly and easily have a professional wedding album designed and ready to order.

Tips for designing your own wedding album.

1. Organise your images

You should review all of your images and place into 2 folders based on how important they are to you. For example, images to be shown as full size across one or two full pages should be placed in an ‘Important’ folder. Images that you’d like included in the wedding album but perhaps used as smaller or background images should be placed in a ‘Less Important’ folder. There is no need to include any images that you don’t want to appear in the album. This step is important whether you opt for a design service from The Wedding Album Boutique or a professional photographer and even more important if you choose to design yourself. Believe us – if you spend some time doing this it will save you a lot of heartache later on!

2. Page Layout

Experiment with the different page layout templates available. With the design software from The Wedding Album Boutique there are a lot of templates to choose from. It will soon become obvious to you which ones you like and which ones are not your style.

TIP: Full page layouts work well for very important images whilst templates that include numerous images per page work well for guest images or late night dancing shots.

3. Practice makes perfect

It might seem a little overwhelming before you get started but designing your own wedding album really is very straightforward. Once you’ve chosen a page template for your first page, you simply drag and drop the images you want into the template. And Voila! You have just designed your first page.

TIP: Practice makes perfect so spend a few minutes playing around with the software so you can see what styles you like. You can stay as simple or get as complex as you like. Borders around images make them POP and background colours can be changed to suit any colour scheme. You’ll be designing like a pro in no time!

4. Stay Classy

Remember, we produce high quality professional wedding albums that will last a lifetime.  If in doubt during the design process it can be useful to stick to classic background colours and layout styles, these never date! Black & White backgrounds always look great.

5. Enjoy the process.

Designing your wedding album is such a personal thing and allows you to get creative and express your wedding day the way you want to remember it. Enjoy the process and try to have fun designing your wedding album.  All of the hard work will be so worthwhile once you receive your beautiful wedding album package.

To get started with your wedding album design simply download our design software here:


Visiting a wedding show? Here are some tips…

We’ve been exhibiting at a lot of wedding shows across the UK and Ireland over the past few weeks and we’ve been getting feedback from lots of brides to be. If you’ve only recently got engaged and you’re planning on attending a wedding show it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for what’s on offer… I’ve pulled a short list of my top tips together below.

Metro Arena, Newcastle

Metro Arena, Newcastle

1. Print out stickers with your name & contact details. LOTS of exhibitors have competitions that you can enter at the show & by the end of the day you’ll be fed up writing down all of your details. It’s handy to have little stickers printed that you can just pop onto all of the competition entry forms AND you’ll save yourself from getting pen marks all over you!

2. Depending on the venue, dress appropriately. There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold when you’re trying to retain a lot of information. At the UK Wedding Show in The Metro Arena in Newcastle recently it was so cold I had to borrow someone’s beanie hat to try keep warm. Defo not a good look for me but it was better than the alternative of freezing all day! 

It was COLD!

It was COLD!

3. Do your research before you visit. Most wedding shows have an exhibitor listing on their website. Find out who’s going to be at the show and print out the floor plan if it’s available. Make sure you get around to everyone you’re interested in seeing and ask the questions you want to know answers to.

4. If there’s a product or service that you know you definitely want to have ask about discounts or special offers for booking on the day. Most exhibitors are willing to negotiate and many will offer discounts for booking at the show. You could save yourself a lot of money!

5. Remember your wedding budget. Don’t buy things that are unnecessary and blow your budget!

6. Bring your friends, family or other halves along… And have some fun! :)

Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out

Happy planning.

Jenny, WAB x





, many of whom are overwhelmed by the amount of exhibitors and services available at the shows.

Celeb Engagement Rings

The search for the perfect diamond can be a tough one, especially with the knowledge that the ring is going to adorn your finger for the rest of your life! And yes I hear you, we we probably shouldn’t use celebrity engagement rings as a general benchmark for the type or size of engagement ring we’d like (depression central!) but it can be useful to take some inspiration and see what styles other people are choosing.

What a beauty of a stone -  purchased and re-set by Lorraine Schwartz for Blake Lively.

What a beauty of a stone – purchased and re-set by Lorraine Schwartz for Blake Lively.

There are so many styles of engagement rings to choose from and my personal preference can change from time to time but every now and then I come across a complete gem (pardon the pun!). I almost cried when I saw how beautiful Blake Livelys ring was (never mind the tears over the fact that she had also nabbed Ryan Reynolds as her husband). For me this ring is amazing and if I had all the money in the world (or if my other half was rolling in it) this would be my ring of choice – a girl can dream eh?

Often, a particular style we like doesn’t end up being the ultimate ring we choose. Lots of factors like what suits our hand (I have small hands so lots of styles look awful on me), the band, the type of stone you want and the budget all need to be considered. It’s important to plan ahead and it can help to have an idea of style before you go shopping. Many jewellers are open to negotiate on price these days too so don’t be afraid to haggle and you could nab yourself a bargain.

Until then, I’ll be lusting after some of these beautiful celebrity engagement rings.



A real sparkler for Queen B.

A real sparkler for Queen B.Matt Bellamy chose well.Matt Bellamy chose well.Kate Middleton's hand is adorned by the world's most famous engagement ring, the diamond and sapphire piece was also worn by Prince William's late mother Diana, Princess of Wales.Kate Middleton’s hand is adorned by the world’s most famous engagement ring, the diamond and sapphire piece was also worn by Prince William’s late mother Diana, Princess of Wales.Justin proposed on his birthday, I’m not surprised Jennifer said yes to this sparkler.Justin proposed on his birthday, I’m not surprised Jennifer said yes to this sparkler.It’s a vintage style, square cut engagement ring for Jessica Biel.   It’s a vintage style, square cut engagement ring for Jessica Biel