5 of the worst things you can do at wedding

It’s exciting when a wedding invite drops through your door, you’re a lucky person, somebody special wants you to share in their happiness and the last thing you want to do is ruin the happy couple’s day.

Unfortunately many blunders are made at weddings without people realising it, just to be on the safe side, steer clear of these acts and you can hold your head up high as the perfect guest.

What shouldn’t you do at a wedding?

1. Wear white

The biggest faux pas you could possibly make at a wedding is to wear a white dress. You’re not the bride so why act like you are?

All eyes will be on the wedding gown, never attempt to ‘upstage’ the bride by wearing a designer white or cream dress, you’ll just look silly and the chances are the bride will never forgive you.

2. Demand to see the bride

It’s understandable you’ll be dying to see the bride on the big day, can’t you just wait though until after the ceremony?

Some guests think it’s perfectly fine to go and see the bride when she is getting ready, seriously, would you want to be disturbed on the morning of your wedding day?

3. Chat throughout the ceremony/speeches

This is plain rude. The bride and groom will be nervous enough during the exchange of vows and this isn’t a great time for a long natter.

Don’t ruin the wedding breakfast speeches by chatting or shouting out either, this isn’t about you, it’s the bride and groom’s day, so sit back and show a little respect.

4. Leave your phone switched on

Do you really need to take your phone to the wedding? If you do, switch it to silent during the exchange of vows, or better still, turn it off altogether.

The bride and groom don’t want to hear the theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark blaring out during their wedding ceremony, nor do they want to listen to constant ‘bleeps’ from text alerts.

5. Criticise

Don’t even go there!

No matter what you think of the food, regardless of whether you like the table settings, the bride’s dress, the choice of bridal transport or the evening entertainment, never criticise the arrangements.

This is the happy couple’s fairytale. They’ve planned for this day for what feels like an eternity, just share in their happiness and reserve judgement if you want to preserve your friendship.

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