Planning the perfect wedding morning

No matter how calm you feel on your wedding day, there’ll come a time when the nerves start to get the better of you. At this point it’s a good idea to take a deep breath, focus on the moment and think about why you are getting married in the first place.

There’ll be tons to do as you start to get ready so have a plan in place and prepare properly with some of these tips.

1. Organise a pamper night

Don’t overdo things on the night before the wedding. Instead, have a meal with family and close friends and think seriously about a pamper session.

A massage, pedicure and manicure will help you to relax and unwind the night before. Feel great, look beautiful and take part in a pamper session, optimise your time and you can do this on the morning of the wedding if you prefer.

2. Try and get a good sleep

This might not be easy but aim to get as much sleep as you possibly can the night before the wedding.

Don’t stay up until the wee small hours slurping wine and chatting with pals, you need beauty sleep to avoid the look of tired eyes, try to hit the hay at midnight at the latest, you’ll be glad you did the next day.

3. Have a hearty breakfast

Breakfast will keep you going until you arrive for drinks and nibbles at your wedding reception. It’ll give you the energy you need to survive your wedding morning and it will prevent your tummy rumbling as you walk down the aisle.

Eat a hearty, healthy breakfast such as cereals with chopped up fruit, muesli with yoghurt, wholemeal toast with honey or something else that’s equally as tasty but good for you too.

Steer clear of fry-ups and avoid greasy food, your tummy will be doing somersaults as it is, why aggravate it and cause unnecessary concern?

4. Surround yourself with happy faces

Have mum close by and rely on your matron of honour or chief bridesmaid to see you through the morning. Keep a few happy faces close by, just limit the amount of contact you have with other people until after the wedding, you’ll have enough to worry about keeping your emotions intact.

5. Try to relax

This isn’t always easy. Try to enjoy your wedding morning if you can. You’ll have all the love and support you need from your friends and family so go with the flow, relax and make the most of the day!

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