Emergency items you might need on your wedding day

By the time your big day arrives you’ll have planned every aspect in tiny detail, surely there’s nothing you have forgotten for your wedding is there?

Actually you might want to have these items close by just in case, when it comes to weddings there’s no such thing as too much planning!

Emergency items for a wedding day…

Needle and cotton

Appoint somebody as a temporary seamstress for the day. Keep an emergency supply of needle and cotton close by and you’ll be able to carry out running repairs if hems magically work themselves loose or you spot missing buttons on your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Safety pins

Always handy if your dress decides to have a malfunction at the last minute or you are having trouble pinning flowers in place.

Keep a stock of safety pins on standby. You never know when they might be called into action.

Sun lotion

Getting married on a hot day? Think about sun protection! Do you really want a lobster tan spoiling your wedding photos?

Red and white patches look awful. Use sun screen when you are having pictures taken outside, this is vital for brides with sensitive skin.

Headache tablets

Feeling the pressure of the day? If the tension is rising and you feel a headache building reach for the aspirin, pack them in your emergency kit and keep your mind clear.

Change of shoes

As the bride it’s perfectly understandable you’ll want to wear your wedding gown until the very last minute. This is a one-off wear. You get one chance to dress in the gown before it’s packed away in your wardrobe for good.

That doesn’t mean you have to cripple your feet wearing tight-fitting bridal shoes all day long though. Change into a comfy pair of flats and give your feet a break when you get a chance.

No matter how organised you might think you are, it’s always useful to plan for all emergencies at a wedding!

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