What ruins wedding pictures?

Designing your own wedding album couldn’t be easier, as long as you have a good selection of pictures to start with in the first place.

The quality of these images will vary depending on a number of factors, we look at some of the common issues that might affect your photographs and think of ways to avoid a major catastrophe in this blog.

Cowboy photographers

The quality of your photographer is going to have a massive say in the final outcome of your pictures. Pick an amateur photographer and you might save a little money but what type of impact will that have on your photographs?

Okay, you might drop lucky and find an untested photographer that’s blessed with raw talent but what are the chances of that?

It’s more likely your budget photographer will ruin the shots and you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself when you are trying to ‘cobble’ a few pictures together for your new wedding album.

Well-meaning family members

Every family has at least one member that thinks they’re an expert on photography. Yes, they’ll have taken some decent snaps of holidays in the past, would you entrust them with your wedding photography though?

They mean well but let them down lightly, pick a professional photographer for the happiest day of your life.

Making it too formal

Stand and pose, smile when prompted and say cheese! Does that sound like your ideal kind of photography?

Formal is fine for a few pictures, to really capture the flavour of your day though, consider reportage style photography.

Opt for the journalistic approach and get your photographer to capture pictures of people that are totally caught up in the moment.

Not using multiple cameras

Having multiple photographers at your wedding will help to capture a wider degree of photography.

Look for professional services that use at least two photographers per shoot. This way one can take pictures of the happy couple and the other photographer can focus their camera on the guests.

Failing to stick to schedule

Create a plan and stick with it.

Go though the schedule of the day with your photographer before the wedding, work out when will be the best time to take pictures and choose locations at your wedding venue that you know are going to work.

Get the schedule sorted, stick with it, and when you get your digital images back they’ll be ready to go straight into a luxury wedding album!

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