Quirky uses for wedding pictures

Our wedding albums are the ideal place to showcase your special day. Use a series of images to tell your story and create a timeless keepsake to view whenever you like, our software is free to download so you can quickly create the album of your dreams.

What else can you do with wedding pictures though?

We think these ideas are a good way to showcase your special day.

Try turning pictures into wall art

Where better to show off images of your special than on the walls of your home. Create canvas prints out of your most precious wedding pictures, box frames, bevel box frames and blocmounts are just some of the solutions we provide and every single option displays your pictures in the best possible light.

Transform your home into a gallery, fill the walls with wedding pictures and choose special images that make you smile.

Create a collage on canvas

Why make do with one picture on a canvas print when you could have a whole series of images printed onto canvas?

Design the ultimate collage of your special day, pick out your best pictures and give your walls the wow factor.

Have ‘his and hers’ photo mugs

Have some of your wedding pictures printed onto a set of mugs. Enjoy a fresh brew in the morning and every time you take a sip, think of your other half, it’s a gorgeous way to start the day!

Make personalised coasters

Tired of seeing ring marks on furniture? Create your own set of wedding coasters. Choose a few pictures from your wedding day, get them printed onto a set of coasters and you’ve just made something practical as a souvenir of your special day.

Design a trendy t-shirt

Wear your wedding pictures! Get a couple of t-shirts printed with special images of your wedding day. Show other people what your wedding day meant to you.

Bring a boutique album to life

Of course, the best way to show off your wedding pictures is to place them inside a luxury wedding album, for inspiration take a look at our collection at http://www.weddingalbumboutique.com

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